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I am Hessel IJzerman, energy professional with experience in project management and commodity trading. I am enthusiastic, creative, analytical and curious with a passion and drive to deliver.

Energy trading is a complex topic. I am experienced in trading European power and gas. With full understanding of the fundamental dynamics within each country and how they interact across the continent. I managed power portfolio's from day-ahead up to balance-of-year. Actively trading monthly spark-spreads for a gas fired power plant and intra-month asset optimization. Asset-backed and proprietary trading in Central West Europe (covering Benelux, France and Germany), known as CWE. I love data. I have developed models to forecast market prices and automated the collection of large amounts of marketdata. As a marketmaker for ICE Endex and EEX Phelix I have provided liquidity, volume and prices to contribute to stability, transparency and reliability in the Dutch and German market.

I have a strong background in project management and have been fortunate enough to work on a wide range of international projects. I have implemented trading, deal capture and pricing systems, optimized deal life cycle processes and more. With my enthusiasm and "can-do" attitude I can help in tactical execution of strategic vision. I have the ability to be able to map out the steps it takes to get from A to Z, and I'm always eager to jump in and do anything that I can to make sure goals are accomplished. I know when to motivate, encourage, compromise and when to push.

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